Mercedes Benz Star Key Caculator (SKC) MB Key Generator from EIS/EZS Dump




Star Key Calculator tool is the best device to create dumps for keys from EIS/EZS dump.

The calculation tool fully supports Mercedes W series infrared key’s data generation from 1999 to 2011. Supports new style (NEC) electronic lock head W221,W164,W212,W204,W169. support (MOTOROLA)motorola MCU series:W220,W203,W210,W211,W209,W202,W208,W215,W230,W219 etc.

The calculation tool can generate 8 keys, just need (EIS) electronic lock head data, no need to deal with ESL(direction lock); ESM; ECU(engine computer); ECT(722.9 gearbox computer).

The calculation tool can automatically analyze (EIS) electronic lock head’s type and state ;chassis models ;mileage data ; the quantity of the using key at last ; the quantity of the using key before ;the quantity of the scrapped key etc.

The calculation tool generate 8 keys, just need 10 minutes. secure calculation,accurate.

The calculation tool has solved the needs to match W203,W211 models’ key. such as the MCU problems to rub empty Siemens computer FLASH (29F400/29F800), and for 722.9 gearbox computer models need to travel problems of the world authorized!

the calculation tool adopt the latest banking system encryption chip design,safe and reliable,function stable.

Product Configuration:

1. calculation tool (1pcs)
2. USB 2.0 cable (1pcs)
3. Software CD ROM (1pcs)

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